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Next Generation Sequencing

We will support your project from the design stage, through sequencing, and then analysis.

We provide a variety of sequencing and analysis methods for your research projects. Some common applications include

  • Human exome sequencing
  • ChIP seq
  • RNA seq
  • DNA methylation analysis
  • Eukaryotic and microbial whole genome sequencing
  • microRNA sequencing
  • Ion Torrent targeted sequencing panels
  • Oncomine comprehensive cancer panel
  • Mutation hotspot panel
  • TCR, both RNA and DNA
  • BCR, both RNA and DNA
  • bacterial 16s rRNA gene sequencing for microbiome analysis
  • ampliseq custom
  • Diverse array of custom projects
  • Please visit our FAQ for more information on sample and analysis specfics.

    We can also handle a variety of purely computational requests on a fee-for-service basis.

    While we prioritize projects from Cancer Center labs, we efficiently address projects from any other Johns Hopkins investigators.